What Is Assisted Living Part Two: Recognizing The Impact

What Is Assisted Living Part Two: Recognizing The Impact

What Is Assisted Living Part Two: Recognizing The Impact

Author: Tim Brinkley

Assistance is provided in many ways. Assistance can be anything from simple verbal reminders to hands-on support as someone moves. Assistance can be given directly to an individual, such as when a caregiver dispenses medication. Assistance can also be given indirectly. Housekeepers cleaning a private residence, while a resident is attending an activity, is an example of indirect assistance. The resident may not be aware to what degree they are receiving assistance. The same is true for many services provided under the auspices of assisted living. This could include, but not limited to: routine fire inspections, laundry services, housekeeping services, meal and dining services, lawn care services, maintenance services, and even activity planning.

Imagine living in an environment where the surfaces you touch have already been sanitized before you touch them. Imagine living in an environment where your social calendar is prepared by a team of experts who focus on your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. These forms of indirect assistance contribute to a stress-free living environment, creating an atmosphere of complete wellness.

When one considers assisted living, the tendency is to focus on direct assistance measures. Assistance with bathing, medication management, dressing, and transportation are the primary direct assistance measures one considers. Each of these services works in tandem with a slew of indirect assistance measures. Bathing involves a freshly laundered towel. Medication management involves oversight by a physician, delivery by a pharmacy and administration by a licensed staff member. Transportation would not be possible without the efforts of a maintenance team who ensures the routine maintenance and cleanliness of vehicles, a reception team to coordinate doctor visits and track paperwork, or an activities team who structures routine social destinations.

Assisted Living is much like a finely knit scarf; each loop seems easy enough to create, but all the loops skillfully connected create something of beauty and purpose. If one reflects on their own living environment one could reach the conclusion that they are able to provide their own measures of assistance. However, if one is willing to extrapolate daily tasks into the varying degrees of challenge related to each concept, one can quickly recognize the impact assisted living could make in their circumstance. While daily tasks in and of themselves may not present a challenge, collectively they can become overwhelming. It is at this point that assisted living can be the solution.

If you, or a loved one, are considering assisted living our team of caregivers is waiting to hear how we can support you on this journey. Call our business office at 804-733-0148 to connect with our team. We are here to help. Petersburg Home for Ladies is committed to its unchanging purpose to satisfy the human need for security, companionship, care, and love, and to remain an agent of blessing to all whom we touch.

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