What Is Assisted Living Part One: The Thousand Foot View

What Is Assisted Living: Part One

What Is Assisted Living Part One: The Thousand Foot View

Author: Tim Brinkley

Petersburg Home for Ladies is a licensed residential and assisted living facility. Let us take a moment to unpack what that means. Assisted living facilities in the State of Virginia are licensed by the Department of Social Services. On the spectrum of long-term-care, assisted living focuses on those who need assistance with activities of daily living. Such activities could include meal preparation, general hygienic processes, or routine laundry. Assisted living follows both a social model and medical model. Those who work in assisted living design activities to meet the social, physical, mental, and spiritual needs of residents. Assisted living provides access to basic healthcare needs such as medication management or support from staff to assist with dressing or bathing.

The goal of assisted living is to provide residents with a support system. That support system is designed to meet individuals at the point of specific need. This means that assistance is available but, generally speaking, will only be used to the extent it is necessary. Residents in assisted living put in their personal effort in partnership with their support system. Support ranges from simple verbal reminders to physical assistance with standing or walking.

Degrees of assistance vary within the individual service plan customized to each resident. An individual service plan defines the needs of a resident and the extent to which staff will provide assistance to meet those needs. Individual service plans are reviewed annually or as a resident’s needs change.. 

In assisted living, residents bring their own belongings. Typically, their private residences are furnished with family photos, and pieces of furniture from their own homes. Their personal belongings are maintained by teams of housekeeping and laundry staff as well as maintenance.

Some may view the transition to assisted living as a loss of independence. At Petersburg Home for Ladies, we remind our residents that it is our plan to provide them with a support network which serves to enhance their current level of independence. We want them to remain at their highest potential capacity for the longest possible time frames.

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