What Is Assisted Living Part Four: Where To Begin

What Is Assisted Living Part Four: Where To Begin

What Is Assisted Living Part Four: Where To Begin

Author: Tim Brinkley

We used to say, “Let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages.” Now we ask Siri and Alexa or do a quick Google search. But how do we know that information we find is the correct fit for our specific needs?

Start with your loved ones. At Petersburg Home for Ladies we believe the conversation first begins among those who are your current support system. Those people may be your family, a neighbor or a close friend. By beginning with those you are already close with, you will know that you have built in support from those you love as you transition into assisted living.

Talk to people in healthcare. While assisted living facilities follow a social model, those associated with the healthcare system can provide significant insight. Ask your primary care provider who they may recommend. Ask a physical therapist or home health worker who they may recommend. Often times assisted living facilities have already provided information to doctors or local therapists. It is always a positive experience when asking a medical professional for their perspective.

Research before you visit. The Department of Social Services keeps public records on assisted living facilities. By visiting the Department of Social Services website you can find out information about a facilities’ license and inspection reports. This information can be found here: https://www.dss.virginia.gov/facility/alf.cgi

Schedule a tour. Once you have talked with loved ones, counseled with healthcare professionals and researched a facility on your own, it is time to schedule a tour. To schedule a tour at Petersburg Home for Ladies call our business office at 804-733-0148. When you tour any facility ask questions about their on site services. Ask about housekeeping, laundry and maintenance services. Ask if you can schedule your tour during a meal so you can sample the food. Consider scheduling more than one tour at the same facility and bring different people with you each time. During your visit be sure to get a weekly menu and monthly activities calendar in addition to any promotional or financial information you receive.

While each facility is different, Virginia requires certain paperwork to be filled out regardless of the facility. During your tour ask about paperwork. Find out the necessary steps and the correct order to take them. Petersburg Home for Ladies provides a checklist for admissions. Download our Petersburg Home for Ladies Admissions Checklist.

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