What Is Assisted Living Part Five: Give It Time

What Is Assisted Living Part Five: Give It Time

What Is Assisted Living Part Five: Give It Time

Author: Tim Brinkley

In our lives there are milestone moments. We remember our first car, first “real” paycheck or even our first love. Moving into an assisted living facility will rank among the many milestone moments in our lives. Though we should never rush into a big decision, the choice to move into an assisted living facility is one we at Petersburg Home for Ladies encourage everyone to determine for themselves. We believe in the environment we create and trust that, given time, you will recognize the benefits, necessity and ultimately the freedom, found through assisted living.

Change is never easy. Our team recognizes the physical, mental and emotional stress which surrounds significant life changes. Even a very positive change, like transitioning to assisted living, can be filled with challenge. Consider the following four thoughts as you plan your journey through assisted living.

1. Believe in the outcome.

A positive mental attitude can be the solution to many of life’s challenges. Having a vision of the end result can motivate you through times of uncertainty. The “glass half full” perspective looks at what one is able to gain from the assisted living experience rather than what one gives up.
At Petersburg Home for Ladies we believe that every resident gains a strong support system the moment they say “yes” to assisted living. We believe that dignity is truly the best medicine anyone can be given. We believe in offering the highest levels of support to allow individuals to maintain their highest potential. We encourage you to believe in the outcome too.

2. Don’t leave… yet.

If you have ever dropped a child off for their first year in college, you may remember giving them advice not to come home. In that moment you recognized the need for them to become established in their new environment as a priority over their need to visit home. The same is true for the environment of assisted living. You are now part of community. Take time to investigate and remain open-minded.

In addition to the amenities offered in the assisted living environment, certain rights exist to further promote the mental, physical, emotional and social potential of each individual. Those who live in assisted living receive a copy of the “Resident’s Rights and Responsibilities” which is available here:

The Resident’s Rights and Responsibilities acts much like our nation’s own Bill of Rights. It grants specific rights to those within the assisted living community and provides a means of recourse if expectations are not met.

At Petersburg Home for Ladies, we believe in the autonomy of the individual as well as the autonomy of the collective resident community. In our mission statement it says, “To be an agent of blessing to all whom we touch.” The environment that is created by our team is one filled with support, opportunity, and even new experiences. We encourage every resident to take the time to fully embrace the benefits associated with assisted living. Partnering your efforts with the efforts of those around you will collectively build the outcomes you expect. Try new experiences, start new relationships, and build trust with your new community.

We encourage everyone to maintain their homes and the relationships they knew prior to the assisted living experience. However, we strongly encourage each resident to “put down roots” in the assisted living environment while maintaining those relationships. The environment of assisted living is sometimes challenging, often times necessary and all the time supportive. As you give the experience time, we believe you will come to embrace your new home.

3. Find your niche.

In assisted living the possibilities are endless. It is truly an “if you can dream it, you can achieve it” environment. At Petersburg Home for Ladies each resident is given the opportunity to submit information through our “interest finder” survey. Our recreation specialists meet one on one with new residents to glean valuable information concerning their needs, preferences, background, religion, and social expectations. Additionally, our dietary team meets one on one with new residents to understand the full spectrum of dietary needs and preferences. It is through these types of investigative experiences that we customize our community activities and make decisions concerning the dining experiences.

Based on resident feedback we plan group outings. These adventures have taken us from the beach to the mountains, from wineries to theaters, and everything in between. Come to Petersburg Home for Ladies with the expectation of trying new things. Delve into the world of local restaurants and peruse the local farmers’ markets. Visit the cinema with your fellow residents. Take books to the local library and help select new ones for the Home’s lending library.

There are many in-house activities that are also customized to individual preferences. Gather with likeminded individuals for a religious service or take part in a resident committee to design a fundraiser for a local cause. Meet with staff to discuss meal planning or to craft a catered dining experience from a local restaurant. Choose movies to watch in our recreation room or select plants for our raised herb planters.

4. Relax.

Sometimes the best thing to do is absolutely nothing at all. In a world filled with activities, choosing to relax is often overlooked. Petersburg Home for Ladies places a strong emphasis on creating spaces for residents to simply relax. Our outdoor spaces include plants to attract butterflies, water features such as fountains and a small pond, flowering shrubs, and plants to produce year-round color, and seasonal décor.

Indoors we have well-appointed parlors and bright sunrooms which house books and overlook gardens, respectively. Infused water stations, quaint background music, soft lighting, and cozy furnishings all complement the ideals of relaxation.

Musicians, puzzles, board games, discussions groups, religious services, and yoga classes complete the package for cognitive relaxation. Though stress may be inevitable, the assisted living lifestyle is filled with opportunities to unwind, meditate, and enhance emotional wellness. Take time to immerse yourself in your new world and discover the support system woven into the fabric of everyday routine.

Assisted living is truly a unique tool to keep in your toolbox; one which can build a beautiful future. It is not something which is considered the end, but rather the start of many endless possibilities. Through both direct and indirect measures of support, those in assisted living can experience life as never before. At Petersburg Home for Ladies we enjoy providing opportunities for our ladies to engage with activities they have never experienced before. Perhaps that is a destination trip, a new food item, or a style of music. Perhaps that involves taking a leadership position on a committee or openly discussing a topic during a resident council meeting. Perhaps it is finally finding the time to do what you have always dreamed. Through assisted living you can believe in your boundless potential. We invite you to continue your journey with Petersburg Home for Ladies. Give us a call, connect with our team and believe in what is possible.

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