Vision For The New Year 2023

Vision for the New Year 2023

Vision For The New Year 2023

Author: Tim Brinkley

Parker Brothers originally published the game of Monopoly in the year 1935. Unbeknownst to them, a cultural revolution took place. Though some wanted to be the banker, while others laughed at using the thimble playing piece, all were enamored by the pile of “chance cards” laying on the game board. Would a player collect $200, take a ride on the Reading Railroad, or make general repairs on their properties at $25 per house and $100 per hotel? In Monopoly the unknowns were enticing and kept everyone coming back for more game play. In real life however, situations that arise by happenstance may not be as exciting as collecting $200 from a Monopoly chance card. Let’s be honest. Unknowns can be stressful. At Petersburg Home for Ladies, we believe that having a clear vision creates an atmosphere of purpose, and alleviates many of the stresses related to chance happenings.

As we anticipate the year 2023, it is possible to look both forward and backwards together. Since our inception in the year 1925, Petersburg Home for Ladies has remained true to the mission of satisfying the human need for security, companionship, care and love, and being an agent of blessing to all whom we touch. In this upcoming year, we will continue to fulfill these commitments. But, that in no way means that this is simply another year of business as usual. From party lines, to social media posts, Petersburg Home for Ladies has seen 97 years of evolution. Though our mission never changes, the methods used to implement our mission are reinvented year after year.

While many face the new year seeking the resolve to create a change, Petersburg Home for Ladies looks at the new year with a vision of how to steadfastly maintain the principles of our founders, purposefully design meaningful programs around our mission, and ardently implement these themes into our daily operation. Our vision statement of “Elegant Living With Exceptional Care” is the standard against which each department is measured. From staff education to resident social events, our team devotes themselves to elegance and keeps their hands on the plow of exceptionalism. We build a culture where the garnish is of equal importance as the entrée and the centerpiece as fulfilling as the background music. We believe in celebrating detail while championing the dignity, passions and ability of each of our ladies. We pride ourselves on the individualization of care we can offer each resident while also building a community-wide identity.

In this new year we will salute the fortitude of our team, rally behind the aspiration of our residents and continue to engage with our mission as the threads of our past are skillfully woven into the fabric of our future. Petersburg Home for Ladies would like to wish you a happy new year, filled with hope and abounding with vision. May this fresh chapter of life unfold with the same blessings we have known while taking all of us through new experiences which will challenge, encourage and satisfy.