The Power of Oxygen

The Power of Oxygen

Author: Tim Brinkley

At some point we have all listened to an overly enthusiastic infomercial about oxygen powder, cleaning stains out of our laundry! Through the power of oxygen we are able to keep our whites, whiter and our brights, brighter! Now imagine that same cleaning power being applies to viruses, bacteria, mold spores, dust and pollen. This is precisely what Petersburg Home for Ladies has done in every room of our building!

Bipolar ionization technology has been around since the mid 1970’s. Imagine a battery. It has a positive end and a negative end. The particles in each end are trying to get back together which creates the portable source of power. Now imagine that on an atomic level each oxygen atom is ionized to be like a battery, such that it has a positive end and a negative end. All of a sudden that tiny oxygen atom has become a powerhouse for cleaning every type of air contaminant we can conceive.

We have all seen what peroxide does when it comes in contact with an open cut. Once again it is oxygen to the rescue, powering down on proteins and destroying them on a molecular level.  Though on our skin we can see the bubbles happen right before our eyes, in the air the ionized oxygen atoms perform the exact same function by destroying bacteria and viruses on every surface that air come in contact with, completely undetected by the human eye.

As ionized oxygen atoms are destroying viruses and bacteria we could be left with a pile of left over mess. Once again it is (yes you guessed it) oxygen to the rescue. Just like we watched in amazement as oxygen powder laundry supplements lifted grape juice stains out of white fabric, we can rest assured that ionized oxygen atoms are collecting the destroyed virus molecules and dead bacteria. The positive and negative ends of the charged oxygen atoms attract loose debris, from surfaces and the air, clumping it together into large enough particles to be caught in the filtration system of the HVAC equipment. 

Our hero, ionized oxygen, destroys viruses, kills bacteria, and gathers particulate materials from surface and from the air, eliminating them from remaining on the surfaces we touch and from floating around in the air that we breathe. With ionization taking place in every room of Petersburg Home for Ladies, we continue to exemplify the Elegant Living With Exceptional Care that our community has enjoyed since 1925.