A Thanksgiving Message for 2022

Thanksgiving 2022

A Thanksgiving Message for 2022

Author: Tim Brinkley

For ninety-seven years it has been the mission of Petersburg Home for Ladies to be an agent of blessing to all whom we touch and to satisfy the human need for security, companionship, care, and love. We believe in the precepts of our founders and both honor and celebrate their legacy by remaining true and unwavering in their mission. As we reflect on the journey of our founders, we are reminded of Mary Dunnington Friend Whyte, Mary Waller Lightfoot, Annie Watson Claiborne, and Annie Covington, who believed in a vision, rallied behind a cause, and steadfastly accomplished the task for which they set out to do.

Many times in American history, groups of unassuming folks navigated uncertain times and created beauty from the beliefs held in their hearts. The early American colonists, the pioneers of westward expansion, those who held fast to the hopes of democracy or followed a capitalistic spirit into the industrial age, rate among those we celebrate throughout history.

Today is Thanksgiving Day. While we enjoy the break from routine, the time with family, football, food, and the many traditions we cherish, let us remember the spirit of those who have gone before us. Let us reflect on those who taught us our traditions in the first place. They are among those who envisioned our future and forecasted the mindsets we hold dear to our hearts on this day.

The ideals of family never change. From the onset of the celebration which eventually became our annual tradition of Thanksgiving, to those who feast with us today, the love, understanding, compassion and goodwill of humanity have been unwaveringly shared. Today we write ourselves into the story of the next generation, and of those yet to come. One day, on a Thanksgiving Day much like this one, folks will ponder their own traditions and reflect on our contributions in their lives, just as we reflect on those who have gone before us today.

As you share your Thanksgiving traditions this year, take a moment to look around the room and see the people you share your life with. Take pictures, share stories, believe in your future, and believe in the future of those you love. From the first harvest celebrations of the early 1600’s to the crafted traditions we treasure today, may your Thanksgiving celebration be full of wonder, joy, family, and love.