Blossoming: A Spring Time Outlook On Long-Term Care

Long Term Care Outlook

Blossoming: A Spring Time Outlook On Long-Term Care

Author: Tim Brinkley

A few weeks ago our trees were barren and when we peered into our flower beds we saw only the remains of last year’s mulch. Today the view has changed.  Long-term care facilities feel a lot like a bulb that has waited out the winter in anticipation of showcasing beauty and announcing the arrival of spring. 

Our view is incredible. Blossoms from the cherry trees lavishly cover the park as though a giant blanket has suddenly decided to warm the earth. Staunch willow oaks stand at the ready to catch the rain and vibrantly response to the ever warming weather. Tulips, daffodils, crocus and narcissus have emerged from their wintery slumber and boldly embrace the glory of the sunshine. Camellias have scattered their petals as though they are waiting for a bride to walk down the aisle and tranquil fountains murmur softly that spring has sprung.

The feel of the earth is different in springtime. It is as though every living creature joins in an ancient song originating from the foundation of the world. It is a song of life. It expresses that good things are about to happen. It declares that change is taking place. Perhaps it is even the song itself which causes things to shift.

Our lives our filled with milestone markers. The journey of long-term care is no different. Each moment of elation and each moment of challenge creates a milestone marker which we use as a reference to remember where we have been and to see how far we have come.  Twelve months ago COVID 19 caused significant change in long-term care.  With caseloads decreasing and vaccination becoming more prevalently available; long-term care is much like a bulb that has protected itself through the harshness of winter and lies just under the surface prepared to display its radiance for all to enjoy. It is a reminder that regardless of the winter, the bulb will still bloom.

Long-term Care is in a season of blooming. Loved ones are able to physically embrace and visits happen without concern for schedules and time constraints.  For the last twelve months long-term care workers have creatively redefined and rebranded ever approach to caregiving they have ever experienced. Today we stand on the threshold of our springtime, building off of those experiences to create an enduring future.

Petersburg Home for Ladies is open to visitation. We encourage friends and families to reach out to us about our current visitation policies.