Our Administrative Professionals, A Poem by PHL

Petersburg Home Ladies Spring 2021

Our Administrative Professionals, A Poem by PHL

Author: Laura Crocker

The administrative team of Petersburg Home for Ladies consistently imparts vision and generates support for our residents, staff and extended families. Please enjoy this witty quip which champions their efforts!

They keep us straight and within the rules. 
We never come across as unknowing fools. 

Inspectors and auditors have come to expect,
That all is complete with no sign of defect. 

Our Cynthia manages the office quite well,
With memos and notes as clear as a bell. 

In John’s steady hand the books are secure.
He makes it look easy and never a chore. 

Tim wears many hats it’s so hard to tell,
But whatever the job all will be well. 

Mrs. Kelsey is the boss and checks on us all.
No problem too big, no problem too small. 

With these four at work and seldom at rest,
It’s easy to see why we’re the Best of the Best!