The Joy of Remembering

Joy of Remembering

The Joy of Remembering

Author: Tim Brinkley

The joy of Christmas is in remembering. It is found in the excitement of children, the mystery of Christmas Eve, the spectacle of light from candlelit moments and the warmth of family togetherness. The recipes we share and traditions we hold dear to, year after year, speak to this joy, and to the passions we place on this magical time. Annually we dust off our décor, open our homes and reach out to our loved ones. We embellish our celebrations with cookies, spiced drinks and songs that remind us of yesteryear. We entertain ourselves Hallmark movies and share scriptures which speak of the incarnation of God. Simply put, in the words of Andy Williams, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

As you walk our halls, this Christmas season and throughout the new year, reconnect with a bygone era of simple elegance, when the fireplace and candlelight were the center of entertainment and songs were sung around a piano instead of played from a smartphone. These traditions live on in the lives, stories, hopes and passions of our residents, families, staff, and Board of Directors.

Celebrations are built upon the traditions of our youth, the memories we cherish, and the beliefs we have sustained throughout our lifetime. In every Christmas celebration at Petersburg Home for Ladies, we remain true to the core values of security, companionship, care and love, in our desire to be an agent of blessing to all whom we touch. Whether that is expressed in the genteel elegance of a carefully placed poinsettia or proudly displayed through the grand illumination, engaging with people, building connection, and elevating our community are central to our cause.

Petersburg Home for Ladies would like to wish you a joyful celebration this season. It is our hope that your family and loved ones are inspired with wonderment and captivated by the endless possibilities to honor friends and family during this most wonderful time of the year.