Four Tips on Fall Prevention

Four Tips on Fall Prevention

Four Tips on Fall Prevention

Author: Tim Brinkley

In a world filled with high thresholds, cracked sidewalks and the occasional throw rug, do you have the skills necessary to navigate these walking challenges? Take a moment to read advice from our team and become your own expert navigator.

1. Hydration and Nutrition: 

The best thing we can do for overall health and wellness is to remain hydrated. Proper hydration helps our mind stay alert and proper nutrition contributes to muscle strength and overall stability.  

Petersburg Home for Ladies works tirelessly to build both a culture of elegance as well as a foundation of quality. A registered dietician oversees every meal plan and tracks specific criteria on every resident, related to nutritional wellness. 

As you tour our historic Georgian home you will find infused water stations filled with seasonal delights such as cinnamon stick apple or strawberry cucumber. Our certified nursing assistants bring water pitchers and a hydration cart to every resident throughout the afternoon, ensuring that each lady has her physical needs met as well as her preferences.  

2. Thresholds, Clutter and Transitions: 

The environment around us can present fall risks. Uneven floors, high thresholds, and throw rugs can be a tripping hazard. Obstacles such as laundry, extension cords, or general clutter can be equally as dangerous.  These risks blend into the environment and are easy to overlook. 

The housekeeping team of Petersburg Home for Ladies is skilled in much more than cleaning. This team is here toassist with organizing drawers, positioning furniture, and eliminating clutter. The organizational structure they are so skilled in creating significantly contributes to the safety of our home. 

3. Safety Equipment and Vision: 

Safety equipment and adaptive measures are important for preventing falls. Consider adding grab bars or a seat in bathing areas. Walkers, canes, or even trekking poles can be used to add stability when walking. Proper household lighting can enhance overall safety. Additionally, consider using prescription eyewear as needed and wear sunglasses if light impedes vision. 

The staff of Petersburg Home for Ladies will customize your closet, bathroom and living area to meet your specific safety needs. We adjust shelf heights, add grab bars, and bring in therapy resources to assist with mobile safety equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs. We customize lighting to meet both preference and safety expectations.Our team assists in cleaning hearing aids and changing their batteries. Safety is paramount and our team will surround you with the adaptive equipment you need to enhance your autonomy. 

4. Medication and Alcohol: 

Medications can alter balance, blur vision or impact heart rate. Alcohol use can have similar effects and can lower your awareness of environmental safety risks. Talk with your doctor about medications which may cause dizziness and may put you at risk for falls. Be responsible when consuming alcohol. 

The licensed team of care givers at Petersburg Home for Ladies works closely with doctors, pharmacists, and practitioners to carefully hone your medication regime to best suit your experience. While many medications do increase the risk for falls, time of day, hydration, nutrition, and physical activity all influence this outcome. Our team will surround you with the counsel and support you need to manage risk and make adjustments according to your individual needs.