Beneath The Wet Floor Sign…

Wet Floor Sign

Beneath The Wet Floor Sign…

Author: Tim Brinkley

In our drive to get from point “A” to point “B” a wet floor sign is an obstacle. It becomes much more about our need to change directions than our attitude towards the surface underneath it.  What if our chance encounter with a wet floor sign simply reminded us to be thankful for our health, or grateful for the clean air we breathe. What if a wet floor sign caused us to reflect on the work ethics of those around us or redirected our thoughts to the blessing of working in a safe environment. After all, the sign is there because someone took the time to ensure the floor is clean, the environment is safe, and the atmosphere is healthy.  

A wet floor sign is a tool. Just like a hammer can build everything from a simple bookshelf to an ornate mansion, the wet floor sign can do the same, if we allow our perspective to connect with the right ideals. Health, safety, cleanliness, work ethic… these are the thoughts that should come to our minds at our next chance encounter with a wet floor sign. 

John Donne aptly stated in ‘No Man is an Island’, “if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less…” The departments of Petersburg Home for Ladies, knit together by the common goal to provide elegant living with exceptional care, cannot function unless each one operates in tandem with another. The most skilled of nurses cannot accomplish the mission without wet floor signs in place.  

Our culture has taught us to focus on the “heroes” in healthcare. At Petersburg Home for Ladies our team of heroes starts with those who scrub the floors, change the linens and remove the trash. This team of fine individuals goes beyond cleaning and organizing as a career. They are passionate, and view their skills as an artist views a canvas. They believe in possibility and craft an atmosphere of dignity in our Home.  

Our Ladies sleep on clean linen. They shower in sanitized spaces. They open drawers that have been freshly polished and view themselves on spot free mirrors. In much the same way as we view the wet floor sign, our first thought is, “Well of course, that’s how it should be.” But, if we really stopped to ponder the discipline of cleaning off a toothpaste smug, or wiping out the inside of a trashcan before replacing the bag, we would recognize that the people who perform these tasks are of unmatched caliber.  

The next time you see a wet floor sign, a housekeeping cart or freshly folded laundry, remember the people behind it. Remember that someone performs those duties as a part of the greater cause of providing assistance to those around them.Remember that they are on our team because they believe in the unchanging mission to provide security, companionship, care and love, and to remain a blessing to all whom we touch.