96th Anniversary Celebration

Petersburg Home for Ladies Celebrates 96 Years

96th Anniversary Celebration

Author: Tim Brinkley

From humble beginnings on West Fillmore Street, to the icon of elegant living with exceptional care that we are known for today, Petersburg Home for Ladies has remained committed to its unchanging purpose to satisfy the human need for security, companionship, care and love and to be an agent of blessing to all whom we touch.   

An idea that stirred in the hearts of the Petersburg Community in 1925, is still the mission of Petersburg Home for Ladies today. As you walk our halls or meander through our gardens, you cannot help but reflect upon the story of grace, providence and amplitude which defines both the culture of our Home, the character of our staff, and the courageously bright future that lies ahead. 

Imagine that you are sitting under an umbrella in one of our many well-appointed outdoor living spaces. You watch a curious bumble bee traverses from the gardenias to the Echinacea flowers as a staff member brings you an ice cold glass of fruit infused water. Your friend, who is lazily reading a book, pauses to remark what a nice day it is. You find yourself lost in your own lovely internal thoughts and are comforted knowing that you not only receive the care you deserve but also the pampering you want.  

Petersburg Home for Ladies is more than a residential and assisted living facility. The nonprofit difference affords our residents the opportunity to be surrounded by a loving and caring staff in an environment of care that provides the highest level of staff to resident ratios in our region. It is no wonder that so many of our communities’ greatest generation view Petersburg Home for Ladies as the destination for their retirement needs! 

From licensed caregivers, visiting physicians, on call maintenance, a complete plethora of social activities, chic dining and full service housekeeping and laundry, Petersburg Home for Ladies offers a residential living experience immersed in luxury, and grounded in the core values the have made us the preferred retirement community for women living in Petersburg, Hopewell, Colonial Heights, Prince George, Dinwiddie, Chesterfield and beyond.  

Today, July 1, 2021, Petersburg Home for Ladies is proud to celebrate 96 years of elegant living with exceptional care.  As we  celebrate with finely crafted cupcakes baked by our dining services team, enjoy historic literature read by our Administrator Teresa Kelsey, and perhaps a little wine and cheese as well, we will remember that  the journey we have traveled, though filled with milestones, remains a place of not only legacies, but new beginnings as well. Thank you for celebrating 96 years of Elegant Living with Exceptional Care with us and for leaving your footprints on our pathway towards an enduring future.